Realigning the Approach as Church Leaders

Church Health Ministries is a 501c3 Non-profit Corporation Committed to Helping Church Leaders That Are in Crisis.

Discover the Work and Purpose of Our Faith-Based Group

Church Health Ministries is an organization that is committed to helping out churches that are in crisis and pastors that are burned out. We offer the services of a competent and compassionate leader who can create fitting plans of action to revitalize your church.

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Supporting Ministries in Distress

Our work is focused on helping churches analyze their current situation. We strive to guide them into taking appropriate actions that will make their churches more effective in reaching our brothers and sisters.

We assist, empower, and fund local ministries everywhere possible.


Guiding Church Leaders

Our pastors and church leaders are critical in ensuring God’s Word is shared effectively with the community. That is why we get in touch with our local ministries’ members, helping them revisit God’s call to service as well as their vision for the ministry.

Seek Assistance Today

For more information on our work and how we can help your ministry, reach out to us here in New Braunfels, Texas.