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Church Health Ministries is a valuable resource for ministry leaders. Dr. Minton’s coaching has had a direct impact on church revitalization in Bluebonnet Association. His consultations with leadership teams have helped churches of all sizes function in a healthier way. CHM is a source of help, training, encouragement. and refreshment for ministry leaders in the U.S. and internationally. If you’re looking for an impactful ministry with which to partner, CHM fits the bill.”

Robby Partain, Executive Director

Bluebonnet Baptist Association

As a pastor of a rural church without a lot of resources, it was almost impossible for me to get away to plan for my church and to find time for renewal with my family. However, through the generosity of Church Health Ministries, I was able to do just that. They enabled me to bless my church by providing the resources so that I could study and plan while being renewed spiritually. They blessed my family by giving us the resources to spend intentional time away as a family to help renew and deepen our relationships. My ministry was much stronger and healthier due to the generosity and care shown to me by Church Health Ministries. I am forever grateful for their investment in me, my family, and my church!

Kevin Cornelius, Executive Pastor

First Baptist Church McAllen Texas

Despite the truth to his statement and the correct Biblical references Tozer addresses in validating his conviction, I am convinced that at critical junctures God has strengthened His people’s resolve by appointing Divine engagements. (For example, when Jethro advised Moses on the wisdom in delegation and during Israel’s battle with the Amalekites, as Aaron and Hur supported the weary arms of Moses.)  In Luke’s Gospel we find our Savior’s parable about the Good Samaritan who comes to the aide of an assaulted traveler, Paul also references multiple people of God who supported him throughout his ministry. Personally, there are numerous junctures when God provided men who challenged me spiritually, intellectually and creatively.

You ask what impact JK Minton has made upon my life? I am incapable of justly articulating the significant role J.K. has had upon me as bondservant of God, husband, father, grandfather and Pastor. I am humbled by the appointed times when our benevolent eternal Father has rejuvenated my soul and strengthen our call to the ministry. For more that fifteen years, Dr. Minton has helped me navigate through Church Revitalization, Conflict Resolution, and Implementing Change. It is both unnecessary and spiritually unhealthy for the saint to walk alone, J.K. is a trusted Mentor, Coach and Brother.

Pastor Edward Beltran

Genesis Baptist Church