Customizing Strategies to Refresh and Revitalize Your Church

Church Health Ministries wants to help local church communities learn and understand the vitality of ministry health. Our goal is to help support the work of our ministries and strengthen our brothers’ and sisters’ faith.


Ministry Assessment

We will meet the pastor or church leader on a regular basis. This way, we get to form a closer relationship with them and further understand the strengths and weaknesses of your church.

Our assessment will help us find a fitting vision and strategy to restore your ministry’s health.


Face-to-Face/Virtual Meeting Sessions

We strive to make the process convenient for those we serve. That is why we conduct our discussions in-person or through phone calls and Zoom meetings.

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Service Timeline

The church revitalization process requires up to nine months of continuous work. The pastoral coaching process may take up to a year, with many cases continuing indefinitely. Our sessions take place every other week.

How Can We Help?

For more information on how our services can benefit your church community, reach out to us here in New Braunfels, Texas.